How Strobels Increased Google Ads Revenue by 185%

Strobels Supply Inc. was founded in 1940 by a family-owned business. Groove Commerce was originally formed by Strobels to redesign a website. Later, the partnership evolved into paid media management. Our goal was to find revenue-generating solutions using a small Google ads budget.

The Challenge

Strobels Supply had a conversion rate in excess of 1.02% before increasing their paid media budget. Their average CPC was $0.29. Groove Commerce’s team was determined not only to increase conversion rates by increasing their budget but also to maintain a low CPC in order for them to achieve efficient results. The team also increased the budget and monitored Strobels’ paid marketing strategy closely.

The Solution

Groove Commerce devised a plan to double Strobels’ paid media budget. This would enable them to reach a wider audience and to gain more information about their audience’s interests, location, and other details. Groove Commerce developed targeted targeting options to narrow down potential customers who would be interested in Groove Commerce’s brand. The team used technical tactics to improve these metrics.

Groove Commerce monitored and optimized the ads throughout the year. They also adjusted bids and keywords and the allocation of the budget.

The team also adjusted the bids to reflect audience and target states in the same month as the budget increase. Our team, for example, increased bids for the “Business & Industrial Products”, while decreasing the “Home & Garden – Do it Yourselfers” interest group.

To generate keyword opportunities and add negative keywords, the team also used Optmyzr. Groove Commerce changed an ad keyword from “3m command Hook” to a broadened, tape-adhesive group. Strobels’ Google Ads Optimization score soared from 80% to 85 after these changes.

Also, we found out that campaigns were being underspent. Our team adjusted to increase the reach of these ads to attract more people. Groove Commerce created a dynamic ad group for the “Top Products”, which included dynamic targets for all product types. To improve performance and spend the allocated budget, we also moved a portion of the budget from a shopping program to two search campaigns. These adjustments made budget spending more efficient, which resulted in a significant increase of revenue YoY.

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The Results

Before working with Groove Strobels Supply had a conversion rate of 1.02% and a CPC at $0.29. We increased their Google Ads spend 60% and produced the following:

  • YoY 89% increase in conversion rates
  • 17% Increase in ROI YoY (from 792 % May 2021 to 1017 % May 2022).
  • CPC below $1 at $0.59 YoY
  • 185% Yoy increase in revenue


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