Five payment gateways that are popular to make shopping seamless in Africa

The ability to support a lot of Africa payment gateways is crucial to an excellent POS system. Out of many choices today, this post puts together the best 5 options for your reference.

Payment gateway importance

Payment gateways refer to software apps employed by merchants for the acceptance of payments made online. They are a deciding factor for the safety and transparency of a business, particularly if you make use of a point-of-sale solution. ConnectPOS, one of the best POS providers, has integrated with different payment getaways around the globe to ensure your business receives payments quickly and safely.

5 popular Africa payment gateways for a seamless shopping journey


Not only credit card payments but also MasterCard payments work to acknowledge Paypal. It is free for purchases. Meanwhile, when it comes to merchants leveraging this payment gateway for visa payments, they are asked to cover transition fees. Paypal does not ask for charges by month, gateway costs, and setup costs. The perk is that it is not necessary for merchants to pay as soon as the sale is complete. PayPal Pro likewise allows them to have and alter their whole check-out procedure so that consumers are not required to leave the site to check out.


VoguePay is based in Nigeria. This worldwide coverage enables companies and consumers to process payments conveniently in every main currency. Thanks to insightful reports, you can check out your sales, cash flow, and revenue. Plus, it sends performance reports by week to make you stay up-to-date.


Skrill is a United Kingdom-located eCommerce payment gateway intended for not only consumers but also businesses. Thanks to its support and especially the aid of the mobile application, you can proceed with global transactions and pay for goods regardless of the place you are in. As one of the best Africa payment gateways, Skrill is easy to connect to worldwide bank accounts and ensure your payment info safety. You do not have to pay any fees for creating a Skrill account. Yet, be aware of fixed charges on what you are getting or sending.


With Flutterwave, businesses can go on with payments all over Africa. It lets consumers pay for stuff in their local currency. What is more? This payment gateway handles connecting payment service suppliers and banks into its platform. That is why businesses are free from related expenses.


Paystack is a well-known payment gateway for African companies. It makes processing online payments easy and safe. Thanks to Paystack, Africa-registered businesses can receive payments from international customers. A lot of businesses like Domino’s have trusted this service. As its merchant, you have the choice to pay money right from the dashboard of your Paystack account to any Africa bank account. Hopefully, the list gives you a better idea of the best Africa payment gateways. Give ConnectPOS a try to assist your business in the payment integrations in point of sale with safe and trusted payment gateways. Contact us now for further information. Source: payment gateway africa

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