Webinar: How to keep customers updated about your business

Webinar: How to keep customers updated about your business

It is more important than ever to build a loyal customer base. Communication with customers is the first step. It shows that you value their needs and addresses your own as a business owner.

Wix forms, chat, inbox, and email marketing make it easy to manage customers and simplify customer communications. These Ascend Business Tool allow you to create and manage professional relationships from one dashboard.

Wix Formulas

In uncertain times, it is important to keep customers informed. Visitors can reach you from their website using Wix Formulas.

Gather the necessary information from customers such as email address, phone number, and payment details. This will help you to learn more about your customers and provide better customer service. You can also share valuable information with the form.

A colorful and eye-catching form encourages people to interact. You can choose any template you like and modify it to fit your site’s style and look.

Wix Chat

Customers should be able to contact you easily. Chat allows customers to get immediate answers while they browse your website. Auto-greetings can be used to notify customers about the latest updates even if you aren’t online. You can schedule your online hours to ensure that you don’t leave anyone hanging. Also, set up your lead capture forms to engage visitors even when you’re not there.

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Wix Inbox

All your business communications can be accessed from one location, saving you time. You don’t have to switch between platforms in order to answer customers’ questions. Wix inbox seamlessly links to your website and other accounts such as your email or social media.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing keeps your customers informed about new products and services, work hours, and other information. Professionally designed templates for email are available. With the Wix mobile application, you can send business updates anywhere. You can send targeted emails to customers who are active and optimize your campaigns using insightful analytics.

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