eCommerce Growth Report: Top Selling Products in Every State of the USA

eCommerce Growth Report: Top Selling Products in Every State of the USA

How well do you really know your state? Is it possible to predict the top-selling product category for your state in April 2020? Some are predictable, others are practical and some are simply surprising.

The COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing and social shopping requirements have had a major impact on everyday life, including the way people shop and what they buy. Online shopping experienced a surge in global growth in April 2020. We reported in my previous eCommerce growth report, Top Ten Product Categories during COVID-19 that the top 10 eCommerce product category showed growth rates exceeding 100% during April 2020.

This report analyzes eCommerce Sales in the US for April 2020. We also compile the top-selling product categories from every state.

Americans purchased food and groceries in large numbers, as expected. Fresh produce, takeout, and alcoholic beverages were also top sellers. Jewelry and antiques were two of the unexpected categories. Positive surprise categories included non-profit donations in Alabama, and animal shelter donations from Maine.

Growth Rates for Top-Seller Product Categories in Every US State in April 2020

This list lists the most-popular eCommerce product categories across the US for April 2020. It is based upon sales data from the Wix network, which has over 500,000 online shops worldwide. This growth rate is compared to category sales in each state versus those in February 2019.


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