19 Top Employee Engagement Software Platforms For High-Performing Teams In 2022 [HR Approved Engaging Tool]

19 Top Employee Engagement Software Platforms For High-Performing Teams In 2022 [HR Approved Engaging Tool]

Do you recall every detail of a gift that you received? It was something that stood out. Are you able to recall how that made you feel?

Perhaps it was the gift or the fact that someone took the effort to choose the right gift for you.

Corporate Thank You Gifts for Professionals

1. Personalized Office Sign

The best humor contains a kernel or truth. Because we have experienced the corporate lifestyle, the Office resonates with us all. We know the awkward, fun, and sometimes mundane moments that can occur when people mix personalities at work. You can also give Office fans their own name signs as a joke and wink!

Why this is such a great thank-you gift for business: Because it adds humor to any corporate setting, this thank you gift idea makes a great gift for business. You can add the names of clients or coworkers to this gift so that they know it was created just for them.

Price: $8.00

Where can you find it: Personal Office Sign


2. Concierge Thank You Box


You are looking for a gift that can be customized to show your gratitude? The Concierge Thank You gift box is a fully customizable way to express your gratitude. This gifting solution is curated by experts in corporate packages. You’ll receive all the help you need to make it perfect!

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This is a great corporate gift. Flexibility is the new standard. Flexible workplaces are poised to be the new standard for accommodating both distributed and in-person teams. You can choose the Concierge Thank You Gift you would like to include in your box. This will allow clients, employees, and coworkers to feel that it was made with them in mind.

Price: Custom

Where can you find it: Concierge Thank You Box


3. Thank You Chocolate + Signed card

This card includes a hand-made, Fair Trade Certified sea salt caramel dark chocolate bar. This gift is a wonderful choice for someone who appreciates a little appreciation!

This is a great way to thank professionals: Your employees are sure to love the rich, creamy taste of this chocolate. The signed card adds a nice touch.

Price: $23

Where can you find it: Thank You Chocolate + Signed card


4. JBL Clip Bluetooth speaker


The JBL Clip Bluetooth Speaker lets the lucky recipient bring the party along wherever they go. They say that work hard is a way to play harder. This thank-you gift will allow them to enjoy the best work-life balance.

This is a great gift idea for professionals. The JBL Clip Bluetooth speaker is high-quality with a clear sound that will fill your backyard with music while you cook or entertain at a party. The clip allows them to easily take it with them wherever they go. This will be the best friend of any music lover.

Price: $89.93 / Item

Where can you find it: JBL Bluetooth Speaker


5. Thank You Pretzel Treats


These delicious pretzels have a sweet filling sandwiched between two crispy pretzels. Then, they are topped with chocolate or other fun toppings.

This is a great way to thank clients. These pretzels can be used for any occasion, whether you are thanking your boss or colleague for an amazing year. You can make thank you pretzels for your colleagues and boss. They are fun and delicious and a great way to express appreciation.

Price: $39

Where can you find it: Thank You Pretzel treats


6. Wild Child Flight


This appreciation gift is named after the bold flavors that will make any place feel like a wine tasting.

This is a great client thank you gift: The Wild Child Flight suits sophisticated clients who want something different. Your clients will be able to remember you fondly while they enjoy eight different wines. Each unique spirit is made to take your clients on a tasting journey!

Price: $65

Where can you find it: Wild Child Fly

Thank You Gifts for Baby Shower

7. Koala Baby Blanket


The Koala Baby Blanket makes a great thank-you gift. It is made from 100% organic cotton and becomes softer with each wash.

This is a great gift to thank new parents for: Maybe you know someone who has just had a baby, and are looking for a gift for moms on maternity leave. They’ll want to make sure that the items are safe for their baby. They can be assured that the Koala Baby Blanket has no pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers, so their baby is safe.

Price: $20.20

Where can I find it: Koala Blanket


8. It’s a Girl


It’s a Girl is a thank you gift and a maternity leave gift. It’s a great gift for employees or coworkers who just had a baby, or have a bun in the oven.

This is a great gift to thank for baby showers: It’s A Girl has delicious snacks such as walnut cookies, pomegranate hard candy, and vanilla fudge. Parents and anyone else who visits the little snuggle bunny will love it! This thank-you gift for working parents includes a plush doll, a piggybank, and a pink blanket.

Price: $104.95

Where can you find it: It’s a Girl


9. It’s a Boy


It’s a Boy celebrates the life and achievements of a new baby boy, or at least one who is on his way to becoming a father. This is a very special time in the lives of your coworker or employee, regardless of whether they are on paternity or maternity leave. This is the perfect gift to celebrate new parents.

This is a great gift idea for working parents and dads. It’s a Boy has lots of toys, cute and cuddly items for baby boy and treats to the parents. Dolcetto wafer vanilla cookies with sea salt, vanilla fudge, walnut cookies and English tea are included. Also included is a chocolate chip cookie, a piggybank, plush teddy bear and a piggy bank.

Price: $109.95

Where can you find it: It’s a Boy


10. Personalized Baby Blanket


Another great gift idea for new parents is the personalized baby blanket. You can add a name, a word or initials to the blanket. You can also choose the thread color and fonts.

This is a great gift idea for working mothers: You can choose to use the blanket as a blanket to snuggle your baby, or have it large enough to cover a stroller.


Where can you find it: Personalized Baby Blanket

Thank You Gifts For Friends

11. Keyrings


This engraved leather keytag pendant is a great way to send a thank-you gift to clients, coworkers and employees. The thank you accessory features a stainless steel keyring with a heart shape, which adds sentimental value!

This is a great gift for thanking someone: Laser-engraved keyrings made from top grain leather can be personalized with the giftee’s name or special message.

Price: $11.54

Where can you find it: A pair of keyrings


12. Yellowstone Quilt


The Yellowstone Quilt is made of natural, yarn-dyed cotton. It is intended to highlight some of the wonders in Yellowstone National Park.

This is a great gift to thank friends. The Yellowstone Quilt features prominent locations such as Old Faithful and Mammoth Hot Springs. You can support the national parks system by contributing 10% to the purchase of this gift.

Price: $300

Where can you find it: Yellowstone Quilt


13. Sun


Fun in The Sun is the perfect travel kit for those who have time off from work. This luxury box can either be paired with a game or more relaxed like backgammon or checkers.

This is a great gift to thank friends for: The Sun includes a bright turquoise Turkish cotton towel, ceramic mug with soft silicone sleeves, a cotton game bag with 24 wooden pieces and a booklet that highlights the positive impact this kit has on the community.

Price: $105

Where can you find it: The Sun


14. Carry Smart Bundle


The perfect digital nomad gift is the Carry Smart Bundle This multi-purpose organizer and tool is perfect for anyone who works from anywhere.

Why this is such a great thank-you gift for businesses: This thank-you gift for business will help digitally nomad coworkers and employees to stay organized and ready for anything. They’ll appreciate the integrated USB stick and bluetooth-enabled tracker, which can be used to keep track of keys, no matter if they’re on vacation or working from home.

Price: $98

Where can you find it: Carry smart bundle

Bulk Thank You Gifts

15. Picnic Blanket


Picnic blankets are made from polar fleece and foam padding. Your recipient can enjoy a relaxing picnic in their favorite setting. You can imagine a family picnic in the mountains, or a romantic moment. This plaid picnic blanket is the perfect addition to make it even more special.

This is a great bulk gift thank you: Everyone needs a break, especially hardworking employees. Picnic blankets are a great way to help employees relax and unwind with loved ones. It doesn’t matter if you need one hundred or two hundred — it’s easy to order bulk.

Prices: $18.54 – $27.90

Where can you find it: Picnic Blanket


16. Portable Charger


The Portable Charger is an extremely practical gift for those who work from anywhere. Because it is as small, portable, durable, as compact as a small stone, the Pebble 5000 got its name!

This is a great thank you gift for bulk orders: This tech gift is perfect for remote employees or distributed teams. The durable case and carabiner ensure that their devices are always charged, and they won’t forget to take it with them wherever they go.

Price: $22.92/Item

Where can you find it: Mobile Charger


17. Nourish Box


The Nourish Box is an employee care package that’s perfect. This tasty corporate gift will renew and energize employees, and improve their overall health.

This is a great gift for business thank you gifts: The Nourish Box includes fun exercises and healthier snacks, such as veggie snacks, and other healthy and low-calorie delights.

Price: $24.95

Where can you find it: Nourish Box

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